Mission Statement:

To rehumanize conversations, ideations and relations in business and life.

Origin Story

Carolina Improv Company (CIC) emerged from a serendipitous moment in September 2008 when founder Gina Trimarco Klauder, seeking an improv class to rejuvenate herself, found the art form conspicuously absent in her new home of Myrtle Beach. A Chicago native nurtured in the improv culture of institutions like Second City Conservatory and Players Workshop, Gina's roots in the craft ran deep, serving as her solace during challenging times.

The decision to bring improv to Myrtle Beach was an organic one, fueled by Gina's determination to share her passion with the community. Despite facing setbacks, including the loss of her job just before her inaugural class, Gina forged ahead, teaching her first Improv Level 1 session in November 2008 at the original location of Legends In Concert in Surfside Beach, SC, generously provided by a Chicago-native General Manager.

As demand surged, CIC journeyed through various venues, ultimately securing a permanent home at the Myrtle Beach Mall in 2009, aptly named Uptown Theater as an homage to Chicago's iconic venue. The theater's success was mirrored by accolades, including the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce Business Innovation Award in 2009 and the number one spot on TripAdvisor for Nightlife Attractions in 2010, which continued through the theater’s closure in 2020.

With the community's support, CIC diversified its offerings, catering to a diverse audience of locals and tourists alike. Beyond entertainment, Gina's vision expanded to include improv-based corporate training, leading to the birth of Pivot10 Results in 2016.

Throughout its journey, CIC has been more than just a theater—it's a community, a second family, guided by the ethos of inclusivity encapsulated in the value "Invite Everyone To The Party."

However, 2020 posed an unprecedented challenge as Carolina Improv was forced to close its doors. Despite this setback, the spirit of improv endured, and in May 2023, CIC entered a partnership with Long Bay Theatre, heralding the revival of improv in Myrtle Beach.

For Gina, improv isn't just about comedy—it's a philosophy that fosters resilience and openness to life's possibilities. As she aptly states, "The primary tool of improv is re-learning how to say 'yes' to whatever presents itself to you in life." Through laughter and spontaneity, Carolina Improv continues to shape lives, embodying the belief that "funny just happens."

Core Values


Invite Everyone To The Party

Be inclusive regardless of who people are, what they think or what they believe. We can learn to be better people from everyone, including the bad ones. Don’t forget how bad it feels to not be included or invited because it makes others feel like you don’t care about them. Create an environment of unity.


Take Care Of Each Other & Make Each Other Look Like Rockstars

When we support others, we make the whole team look and feel good. Practice empathy and acceptance, even if you don’t agree. Anticipate when others need you and then offer to be help. This includes our customers. Speak up when your feelings are hurt or you need clarification, validation, reassurance, etc. so that others can take care of you!


Embrace The Suck & Be Perfectly Imperfect

You WILL fail often. Failure is a gift for success and new ideas. Not only embrace this but seek it out. People hate perfect people, so be 100% who you are and the right people will be part of your tribe.


Shut Up & Listen With Your Ears And Your Eyes

Build trusting relationships by listening more and talking less. Observe behavior, body language and tone of voice to hear the rest of the message.


Don’t Judge Others Or Yourself (Don’t Negate)

Be open to hearing what others have to say and how they think. Don’t make assumptions about anything without the facts. And most importantly, be kind to yourself. No one will love you more than you. How you treat yourself affects how others treat you. When you get feedback, you don't like, "take the note" as a gift and not an attack/criticism. Most of us are truly trying to practice core value #2.


Strive To Be Childlike, Not Childish

Have fun, be silly, be sarcastic, laugh at yourself, have joy but don’t be an entitled, self-centered brat. We’re human and have childish moments; when that happens, put yourself on time out until you’re ready to play nice again.


Learn Something New Every Day

Know a little about a lot! Look for opportunities to grow and raise your hand if you want something (even if it doesn’t exist). Don’t talk about it, do it. Promote yourself to the next level by learning more.


Go Big & Heighten The Scene (Yes, And)

Do more than initiate an idea. Collaborate with others to make positive ideas bigger creations. Anyone can have an idea. Execution requires teamwork and support.


Be The Player Everyone Wants To Play With & Do What’s Expected

Strive to be the person everyone wants to play and work with it (most of the time). What’s expected shouldn't have to be pointed out - honesty, integrity, trust, humility, respect, and fairness, just to name a few. Do the "right thing" by everyone!


Be Ready To Improvise

We’re human and sometimes forget that things will not go as planned. If anyone can improvise quickly in the moment without getting frazzled, it should be us! Go with what’s been given to you and then see core value #8. Know that it won’t always be easy to live up to all our core values all the time. When that happens, see core values #3 and #5. And yes, “be ready” partnered with “improvise” is intentional because we should always be hyperaware and ready for something to be thrown at us.