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About Carolina Improv

Carolina Improv Company (CIC) stands as the premier destination for improv comedy theater and training in Myrtle Beach, SC, proudly serving the community since 2008. Specializing in improv classes tailored for adults, our mission is to reintroduce humanity into conversations, ideations, and relationships through the transformative power of playfulness and creativity. We achieve this goal by offering a diverse range of improv-inspired personal and professional development courses designed to unlock the full potential of individuals and teams alike.

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About Improv

At Carolina Improv, we're all about equipping people with the essential skills of improv, whether you're a beginner or seasoned pro. Trust us, the benefits of improv extend far beyond the stage.  So why wait? Sign up today!


Level 1 – Introduction To Improv

This class delves into the fundamental principles of improv comedy, including collaboration, adaptation, trust-building, mental agility, active listening, and effective communication across diverse personality styles.


Level 2 – Advanced Improv

Building upon the foundational skills acquired in Improv Level 1, Improv Level 2 delves deeper into the intricacies of short-form improv games, reminiscent of those featured on the television show "Whose Line Is It Anyway?"


Level 3 – Characters and Relationships

In this class, master the art of instantly crafting well-defined characters through voice, attitude, and physicality, while also nurturing authentic relationships within every scene.


Games Series

This class offers students the chance to explore new improv games while refining the skills acquired in Levels 1 through 3. Designed for ongoing participation, it provides a platform for continuous growth and development.


Improvised Intelligence™ For Businesses

Our customized Improvised Intelligence training program, designed to rehumanize every facet of your business, spanning from customer service to company culture.

Business Solutions

Whether you're at the helm as a leader, navigating legal waters as a lawyer, fielding inquiries as a customer representative, or overseeing projects as a manager, Improvised Intelligence training is your ticket to elevating your skills. Get ready to deliver exceptional internal and external customer service experiences like never before. Improv training isn't just for comics and actors—it's for everyone looking to elevate their personal and professional growth, whether it's to become a better colleague, leader, friend, spouse, or just an all-around awesome person!