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LIVE & Virtual Improv Level 3 

IMPROV Level 3   You’ve “yes, anded”, possibly performed in a showcase and are ready to go bigger. Up until now, at Carolina Improv,  you learned how to make smart choices. In Level 3, we’ll dig deeper to make better choices focusing on characters and relationships. In this class you will increase your range of characters with varied physical/object work and bold initiations. You will learn that characters involve voice, physicality and emotion, and use these tools to create a new onstage “you”.  With new characters, we will explore new and complex relationships. For the business minded person, this class will help you relate better to others and increase your emotional intelligence. 

Students of LIVE classes may choose to participate in an optional showcase.  You must have completed a Level 1 and Level 2 class at CIC to enroll.

At Carolina Improv, we provide an environment perfect for all – experienced improvisers, aspiring actors, CPAs, attorneys, customer service representatives, and every other average John or Susan venturing into the world of improv comedy as a break from the weekly routine or forced into in business training. We encourage  diversity and embrace change, following the improv concept of “YES AND!”.  Escape the real world and take a well-deserved break –it’s like a play date for adults. Be a child for a few hours every week!

Class Descriptions

IMPROV Level 1 - Intro To Improv

IMPROV Level 1 explores the basics of comedy improvisation: team-building, trust, speed, status, active listening, and agreement. Students learn to be fearless and have fun on stage using the CIC approach to improv comedy.

IMPROV Level 2 - Advanced Improv & Improv Games

IMPROV Level 2 expands on fundamentals learned in Improv Level 1, including short form improv games, culminating in an optional student showcase. This class offers new curriculum and exercises that were not presented in Improv Level 1.

IMPROV Level 3 - Characters and Relationships

Learn to instantly create solid characters (voice, attitude, and physicality) and develop meaningful relationships in every scene you perform. This class culminates in an optional student showcase.

IMPROV Level 4 – Patterns & Game Of The Scene

Improv Level 4 focuses on the two-person scene, building on the fundamentals of Levels 1 through 3 and begins to explore long form improv. Students learn to identify the “game of the scene” by developing and heightening patterns of interaction and behavior. This class culminates in an optional student showcase.

IMPROV Level 5 – Advanced Long Form Improv

Improv Level 5 focuses on the practice of the tools learned in Level 4 for finding game of the scene for long form improv. Emphasis on practicing different long format styles as seen in Carolina Improv Company shows, such as LaRonde, Day In The Life, Four Letter Word and more. Students will decide what style to use for their showcase.

Comedy Show and Class Updates

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