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Seth Stone

Ensemble Member


After taking 20 years for the bitterness to subside, Seth (with his wife and 3 cats reluctantly joining him) followed his beloved NHL hockey team, the Hartford Whalers, from Connecticut to the Carolinas in 2016. The trip from CT to SC was made much easier by the fact that all 5 shared the driving. The only downside was that when the cats saw headlights coming at them, they steered the car to chase them. Unlike the Whalers, Seth is hoping he does not have to change his name due to moving here. (However, to protect the innocent, his wife and cats are hoping he does).

Seth joined Carolina Improv thinking it was a local self-help group with a typo. Upon learning it was a group where people make things up, hear voices in their head and create their own alternate realty, he truly knew he fit right in. His greatest disappointment upon moving here was realizing that beach renourishment does not mean an all you eat beach-front buffet. Seth works as an insurance underwriter and is a narrator of such Books on Tape classics as “Understanding Your Insurance Policy” and “Deductibles vs Coinsurance: The Untold True Story.” In his spare time, Seth seeks to serve humanity by pondering the great question of life: Why is there still a “Fantasy Harbor” sign on 501?