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Regina Ball

Ensemble Member


A lover of learning, Google, and setting goals, Regina found on Pinterest (really guys, she’s going to the gym in the morning… For real this time. She made a chart!), this child sized performer has a variety of experiences from which she draws inspiration. Growing up on the beaches of the Grand Strand, Regina encountered a multitude of unique characters that have made their way into her lighthearted, quirky stage personality.

You could say her first thespian experience was rising past the ranks of “Tree” and winning the coveted role of “Reindeer #1” in her elementary school Christmas play. A star was born. Or at least an ego in need of applause… In any case, Regina spent the next ten years dancing and performing her way through winter guard competitions and through the background of many beloved teen dramas. That’s right, that’s her arm you saw on One Tree Hill AND Dawson’s Creek. Autograph anyone? No?  Okay… moving on…

From being on over ten different sets, taking acting classes throughout the Southeast, earning degrees in both Business Administration and Nursing, it’s easy to see that Regina is on a constant quest to see and do all. Her most recent adventures include raising a rescue Yorkie named Batman with her (incredibly adorable) 5 year old son.  At the end of her very long days, she likes to think her super power is making wine disappear. It is then that she updates her iTunes with her favorite 90s tunes and Full House episodes. Have Mercy!