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Petra Sander

Director of Education, Ensemble Member & Instructor


Not QUITE born on a stage, Petra’s first performance was a “carry-on” role in Petrushka for Butler University before her first birthday. The real thirst for bright lights and applause started with a break-out role as “baby mouse” in a Princeton Ballet production of The Nutcracker at the age of four. After performing for local regional theater throughout her childhood, Petra moved behind the scenes and to the front of the house, acting as stage manager, choreographer, producer and eventually director while living in southern California. Petra was thrilled to return to the theater scene after a prolonged absence.

Since she joined the theater just weeks after it opened, Petra became a player, then a director and then began sharing her love for the art form by teaching it, particularly Level 1.  Named CIC’s Director of Education in December 2015, Petra oversees the training and development of students and players.

Practically a local (since 1999), she is happy having fun with her second family (Carolina Improv Company). In “real life” Petra loves her career in sales and shares her life as a single mom with her two teenage boys, Simon and Greg.