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Mike Ritchie

Ensemble Member


Mike Ritchie also known as Miker! (Because he’s awful at making up nicknames for himself.) Miker is a founding player: a player who played before there was a theater to play in. Play. (There I said it again.) In his spare time, he is a registered nurse at a busy ER. During the day he saves lives and at night he kills with his wit on the Improv stage. (With jokes like that.) (You see that was so super funny that right now you’re like: “Wow-how funny is this guy?! I mean, I thought he was being all serious and then BOOM outta nowhere he makes me literally LOL with such original material! Saving lives to killing! What a literal/figurative transition. Restoring life to then extinguishing it-but in a comedy way. Wow! That really runs the gamut. BRAVO, sir, BRAVO!) And to that I say thank you for thinking that good sir or good madam – it was my pleasure. My pleasure indeed. And might I add that you have excellent taste.) Yep that’s just a sampling of the comedic bliss to come. (Ha! I said come.)

Speaking of coming. Miker met his beautifully awesome wife at CIC. She instantly fell in love with his comedic stylings and raw sexuality. Which are basically the same thing.