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Meredith Ritchie

Ensemble Member


Meredith Ritchie is (gasp) a born and raised local of the Grand Strand. (It can’t be! She is like a Pygmy Three Toed Sloth…. which everyone knows is quite rare!) Growing up at the beach- all she wanted to do was move away. And that she did… for roughly seven years. A wonderful seven years full of drinking and growth and adventure and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream pints.

Meredith returned to the beach to work as a high school librarian. Within the first year of moving back- she was taking classes at CIC and by July 2013, she was a player! She was really only at the theater to find a husband (and she did!) and then she found herself enjoying the people, the laughter, the intoxication from the stage spot light- everything that is improv at Carolina Improv Company!