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Maurice T. Moose

Company Mascot


Maurice T. Moose has been a long time fixture at Carolina Improv.  Noted for his “yes and” head bobbing skills, Maurice is the life of every party.   Maurice was born in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan, the sun of Bul and Mildred Winkle.  He attended college at Whatsa Matta University. 

He honed his improv skills at Whatsa Matta U earning a BS in B.S.  Maurice followed the herd to Myrtle Beach and liked the area so much, he staked his claim.  Always in rut, but never in a rut, Maurice can be found in all the hot spots charming the calfs and making the scene. 

Maurice enjoys his day job as an antenna farm for the local cable company, hitting the beach, and grazing salad bars.