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Kelley Ellert

Ensemble Member


Just like Tom Petty’s Mary Jane, Kelley grew up in an Indiana town where she grew up tall and grew up right with them Indiana boys on them Indiana nights. Being a Midwesterner, Kelley had BIG dreams of being the next Reba McEntire. Her parents bought her a guitar, lessons and a subscription to Country Weekly. She was Nashville bound! Then, the unthinkable happened. Her guitar teacher diagnosed her as “tone deaf.”

Dreams shattered she started her own marketing company, adopted a couple dogs and moved to the beach. Until one day she realized her guitar teacher was an idiot. It’s her life and she can sing if she wanted to. She enrolled at Carolina Improv where failure was funny and her bad singing could become a show stopping musical treat for audience ears.

Other than performing at Carolina Improv Company she markets stuff, travels and works towards her dreams of owning a zoo.