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Brett Simpson

Ensemble Member


Brett was raised on the frozen tundras of South Dakota where he had proper Scandinavian training in the various arts such as staring at snow, shoveling snow, wounding oneself in snow and developing a slow-burning hatred of snow.

From an early age, he showed an interest in theater, chorus and band.  His first stage appearance as a bible thumping preacher in a Methodist church play received rave reviews from close friends and family.  He was well received in the Singing Boys Choir of Sioux Falls until puberty (and an increased interest in science) drove him away.  For survival in high school, Brett continued to surround himself with the necessary nerd and geek like friends by having an unrelenting devotion to playing clarinet and bass clarinet in band while continuing his studies in science. As college arose though, he had to step away from the arts to focus on his studies of chemistry.

He obtained a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Augustana College, followed by a PhD in chemistry from Iowa State University.  In hopes of a warmer life, he sought refuge in Myrtle Beach in 2002, when he took a teaching position at Coastal Carolina University.  He has had a productive teaching career but was often restless and forlorn and felt something was lacking in life.  He was introduced to improv by some friends and quickly realized that the group was in need of someone to add a proper creepiness factor to shows.  Although hesitant at first about joining a cult, he accepted a position in the Carolina Improv Company as a player in December 2015.  Currently when not at the theater, you can find Brett enjoying time reading, playing the latest video games and wandering aimlessly across the CCU campus talking to himself.